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5 Most Common Types Of Rugs That You Will Find

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Decor is not an easy thing to do and this is why people like hiring experts who can handle the whole job and you don’t have to do a thing. Well, except just one thing and that is making a lump sum payment. Every tiny little detail matters. For example, if you talk about light fixtures, there are a number of them out there for you to choose. Also, that means they are available in different sizes, colours and fit different themes.

Home decor is a very elaborate topic and under it comes so many items. In my article today, we will be concentrating on one of it. Carpets and floor rugs make an important part of home decor. You could have different types of floor rugs according to the theme, their texture and of course the use.

You could easily purchase from rugs online shopping sites. But before you start to browse, let’s look into some of the most common carpets and floor rugs that are used.

1.       Wool rugs- Wool rugs are probably everybody’s favourite because of the way they feel in your hands. Nothing can compare with the warmth and softness that a woollen rug has to offer. One can get designs starting from the traditional range to the modern designs.
2.       Fibre rugs- Coming to natural fibre rugs, they are a very popular choice amongst people when you go for a subtle look. They are common choices for hall rooms because of the look it brings out in the room.
3.       Cotton rugs- This is probably the most common and most inexpensive choice for floor rugs. And because of them being quite affordable, you could have for one for every season. Maintaining cotton rugs too is also quite easy. You could sue them in any room of your home, for any purpose.
4.       Synthetic rugs- Synthetic rugs are some of the most fashionable rugs. They are found in many designs and colours to suit your style. They are very consistent and they can very easily last for a long time. You could have different patterns for indoors and outdoors too. The best part of synthetic rugs has to be the fact that they are available in both wool and natural fibre feel alike.
5.       Hair on hide rugs- This is one of the most fascinating rugs that attracts a lot of people. The feel of it absolutely smooth on the hands and also it gives a very elegant look to your room. This could totally do the magic and give your room a very royal touch!

So, here was the list of 5 most common and most preferred types of rugs that people use. So, which one of these caught your attention? If you did like any of these, I think you should not waste any more time and get one for yourself. Not sure where to get one of these? You could easily get rugs online from carpet exporters in India. Order online, and just wait! 

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