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5 Points Helps you in Spotting Residential Locksmith Scam

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Do you want a best residential locksmith?

In this rapidly advancing world when every individual is busy in his or her rat race, it gets extremely easy to get trapped in the residential locksmith scams. Do you want to experience the feeling of not being able to contact a locksmith once he leaves you? Do you want to never hear from the company which you once relied upon, as it didn’t exist in the first place? No one will dip head upon after visualizing such a scene, but many are likely to fall into the trap. This article aims to save your pocket and your trust, thus discusses some red flags which are consistent among residential locksmith scams. Buy remember not all Locksmith Companies are not scam, some of them are providing great Honest services such as Bingo Locks NZ.

The prices are too good to be true:

The prices often stoop so low that they seem nothing but eyebrow raisers. The ad surfaces prices ranging from $10 to $20 which is extremely low. Remember best residential locksmith cannot compete in the market by quoting such a low price. Then he may claim hundreds of dollars more afterwards than the original quote.

Unsatisfactory call and a doubtful appearance:

Be a great good listener. Be alert and notice whether they refer themselves to a service or locksmith instead of their company name or not. A legitimate locksmith will always use a business name rather than using a generic phrase for themselves rather than being specific.

Other than this, a fake locksmith will not be clad in a formal uniform or own any ID which could act as a proof of his employment at any company. Even notice his vehicle, a fake one will arrive in an unmarked car. Legitimate one will have a van with a marked business name. Sometimes scammers won’t even have a magnetic signage.

Delay in the response time of residential locksmith:

The locksmith must reach near you as soon as they claim their arrival time at any of their website or on call. Delay in arrival leaves you with a hole of doubt that whether a locksmith company is situated exactly where it claims to be present at.  

Suggestion of drilling the door:

Fake locksmith lacks the expertise to act in technical situations, so surely they will tell you how high-security lock you own which is commercial lock and thus can’t get picked. If by any chance a locksmith hints towards drilling the door then it should ring a bell. Never agree with such arrangement as this will destroy your lock leaving a low quality and cheaper one with you. A skilled, professional and best residential locksmith will pick a lock without destroying it, after all, which is a skill he possesses.

Demand for Cash only:

If any locksmith hesitates to get paid via a credit card service then it clearly means that they want to avoid any such situation which will get them traced. Electronic services are highly easy to get a record of thus a fake residential locksmith will always demand cash.  

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