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Eat healthy yet tasty dishes

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Having oily food is something which has to be removed from daily lifestyle of every human being. Most people have health issues because of their food habits and that is why; they have to improve them.

Cooking delicious food items at home is a good idea instead of going out and having oily foods. Here are some zero oil recipes vegetarian in Hindi, which one can try making at home.

Steamed Dahi Vada

Staying away from street foods is not a very easy task to do. But what if you can bring those delicious dishes to your kitchen? No, you do not have to compromise on the taste of the dish but at the same time you can keep a check on the quality of the food that you are making at home. It is actually a win- win situation. Dahi Vada can be easily made at home without a drop of oil and one can eat them with some yummy chutneys.

Aloo Mutter

Eating healthy does not mean you have to compromise with the quantity of the food. It is also about eating well. Potato or aloo is a comfort food for every Indians. Cut the oil and add some green peas to the dish which will add on to the fibre content of it making it a proper and healthy dish to serve.

Sabudana Appe

This is a very light and healthy tea snack which can suit your diet chart at any time of the day. You just need to take a muffn pan which has moulds and put it on direct flame so that the food gets roasted without use of a single drop of oil. One can also make easy fried dumplings and dosas out of it and all too without using a single drop of oil. Health and taste will be served in a single plate.


This one is also a very tasty and delicious snack. It is actually a Mexican version of kathi roll and it is mostly stuffed with fillings like roasted rajmas, rice and cheese. One can also use low calorie paneer (cottage cheese) instead of cheese and some finely grated cabbage if they do not want rice in the filling. This is actually a full meal that one can try at noon.

Bread Pakoda

If you want a scrumptious evening snack then bread pakoda can perfectly fit the bill. If you are wondering that how this dish can be prepared without using any oil then you should try to make it by using a grill. You will not have to use excess oil if you are grilling the pakodas.

Paneer Kathi Roll

When you are making the dough just use some milk so that you can avoid the oil. Then fill it with some creamy based paneer which you can marinate with some curd and masala so that the roll tastes heavenly.

One can get plenty of zero oil recipes in Hindi language but they need to find them out and use them when they are cooking at home.

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