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Some Easy Tips for Newcomers to Boost Lean Muscle Mass

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Achieving a chiseled and lean physique requires a lot of dedication, determination, and discipline. Getting the ripped appearance would be requiring you to diminish the body fat percentage and at the same time, maintaining the percentage of your body’s lean muscle mass. 

The key to muscle building success is a truly intense strength-training regimen as muscle boosts metabolism. You could effectively achieve a ripped appearance by a combination of low-fat, high-protein diet and a specialized or custom-tailored workout regimen.

What Do You Understand By Getting Ripped?
The term getting ripped is referred to having an extremely low level of body fat in relation to your bodyweight. As such, it would be creating some distinctly visible striations or patterns of muscles. The body fat level essential to be called ripped is a little under 7 percent of body fat.

Timing is Important
Your body is known to be building lean muscle mass from protein but that is done throughout the day. You would be expending more calories during the daytime. If you consume a really high-protein meal early evening would be leading to a relatively smarter triggering of protein synthesis and adversely impacts your appetite to make sure that you would not be consuming unnecessary calories by snacking before sleeping.

You must understand clearly how anabolic steroid could be helpful in your case and consider buying it only after producing a prescription from your doctor.

Strength Training Is Useful
You must perform full body strength-training exercises four times every week. You should consider performing a seated row, leg press, barbell chest press, triceps kickbacks, hammer curls meant for biceps, overhead shoulder press, and sit-ups that are great for your abs.You need dropping sets for every workout. You may perform a single set of precisely 25 reps, then a set of actually 15 reps, a set consisting of 10 reps, and then another set comprising only 8 reps. You must go on increasing the weight for every workout as you go about diminishing the repetitions.

Do Cardiovascular Intervals Thrice Every Week.
You must consider performing cardiovascular intervals thrice every week for burning off the stored fat. You may consider sprinting on your elliptical machine for 30 seconds at a really low resistance or you could be gliding at a relatively slower pace for about a minute. You may also consider walking on the treadmill for a minute or running on it for about 30 seconds.

Recovery Is Crucial
Exercises would be increasing lean muscle mass and at the same time, boost stress hormone release that would accelerate muscle protein breakdown. The most effective way of minimizing protein breakdown is consumption of a recovery drink while the recovery period is going on, about 45 minutes post workout when the enzyme systems that rebuild protein are actually activated. The best recovery drink would be having the ratio of carbohydrate to protein equal to 4:1.

Have Protein Shake at Bedtime 
While you are sleeping at night, you are fasting for the longest period. For maintaining metabolic function while you are sleeping for almost 8 hours every night, your body would be releasing cortisol. Cortisol is actually a hormone that is responsible for breaking down muscle protein, to be used as energy. The best way of minimizing cortisol boost is by consuming a protein shake at bedtime. Moreover, protein would be helping you to sleep much better.

Commitment to consistency and dedication are the keys to building lean muscle mass. You cannot get the best results unless you are consistent. You simply cannot afford to be erratic. You must stick to strength training workouts minimum twice every week. Insert workout schedules in your calendar. You must stay committed.

Author Bio: Simon Stephens is a qualified gym instructor and a bodybuilder. He is a blogger and manages a fitness and bodybuilding blog. He recommends buying anabolic steroid only when prescribed by your physician.

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