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Try These Top Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 9

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Have you jailbroken your iOS device already? Don’t you find the best jailbreak tweaks around? Don’t worry, if you have gone for a ios 9.2.1 jailbreak pangu already, we have assorted some of the best jailbreak tweaks that would add a touch of function and elegance to your jailbroken iOS device. Enjoy extended functionality on your iPhone/iPad with these Cydia tweaks and have a fun experience. Let’s check out what’s on the list. The best android VPN is also here. you can check here.

  1. Activator
If you are looking for some of the best Cydia tweaks that can make your iPhone stand out from the rest then having Activator on it is a must. Activator remains to be the instant classic on iOS devices as it allows you to play tricks with different gestures on your iOS device. Gestures can be assigned to almost any action that you’d like to perform on your iOS device.
  1. Apex 2
If you don’t really like using the stock folders in iOS to keep all your stuff, you can have a cleaner alternative for performing those same exact tasks. You can use Apex 2 for grouping similar apps like Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Similarly, you can group all the apps from Google in one Google Search App using Apex 2. The way it is different from conventional iOS folders is that it hides all similar apps and only shows you the main app behind which you have decided to hide everything. Expanding and collapsing is also easy with Apex 2.
  1. Barrel
Barrel still remains to be among most popular tweaks available to the jailbroken iPhone users. Using Barrel, you can animate your app icons on the Home Screen in several different ways possible. Though quite an old jailbreak tweak, it works fine with iOS 9 jailbreak as well and doesn’t require you to update anything.
  1. CallBar
When CallBar was first launched, it came up with a complete revolution for interface of incoming calls on iPhone and it has evolved ever since. You can use the tweak on your jailbroken iOS 9 for accepting or declining incoming calls whether on FaceTime or Phone. It makes things a lot non-intrusive and convenient and doesn’t really fill entire screen.
  1. Circle Icons
It’s really a simple tweak which you can install on your jailbroken iOS 9 device for making icons in Settings App go circular rather than the normal squares. It’s a tweak that has to do with interface customization and it does its job perfectly fine. Though the effects are purely of aesthetic nature, but they appear more like what you have on your Apple Watch to give your Settings app a better feel by modernizing the overall appearance.
  1. Camera Tweak 4
Don’t like the stock Camera on your iOS device? Why not try Camera Tweak 4? It’s a perfect jailbreak tweak that many professional features for capturing photos and videos on your iPhone. When you have this tweak installed on your iOS device, it will transform your Camera app completely to ensure that you don’t really feel the need of resorting to third-party applications out there. It brings all the camera functions you need right there into your stock camera app. The features never seem to have an end, and this tweak is recommended for you if you take photography seriously.
  1. OneHandWizard
Many of us don’t really like the reachability features of Apple. So, what’s the solution? OneHandWizard gives you all that you need for making the large screen iOS device easily accessible with only one hand. It’s quite impressive when it comes to improving your device’s usability, especially, when it comes to the larger Plus models. To top it up, OneHandWizard gives you shortcuts for different system functions that makes things a lot easier when it comes to using your jailbroken iOS device.

So, if you find these tweaks interesting, just add them to your jailbroken iOS device today and start enjoying the extended touch of functionality right on your same old iPhone. You’ll really love the way these tweaks will expand the features of your iOS device.

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