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What Is the True Cost of Heroin Addiction Treatment?

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Many people avoid seeking treatment for heroin addiction because they are afraid of what it will cost them. However, in reality, abusing the drug will only lead to more sacrifices on your part, both ones that can and cannot be measured in money.

Detox.com’s newest study states that treatment for heroin addiction is likely to cost around $1,000 to $70,000 a year. This can increase or decrease depending on the kind of care you choose and on your specific situation. For instance, some individuals require help in order to afford treatment at all, and for these patients, there are sliding-fee scale, low-expense, or even free heroin detox and rehab centers. If these don’t apply to you, methadone maintenance therapy—one of the most popular options for opioid addiction treatment—usually costs around $4,700 a year. That breaks down to just $12 a day.

Does this still seem like too much? Perhaps it won’t when you consider the price of heroin addiction and how these expenses can be wiped away during treatment.

Many people spend upwards of $200 a day on heroin, especially those who are dependent on the drug. This is much more expensive than the daily price of methadone maintenance or detox, and it will make your life much easier to not have to constantly seek out drugs. With the help of treatment, you also will be able to put an end to your substance abuse so it will no longer be a problem that continues on indefinitely.

Heroin abuse causes people to incur a number of other preventable expenses, including trips to the emergency department, ambulance rides, and long-term medical problems that require thousands of dollars’ worth of treatment. If you choose recovery, however, you will be able to seek help for the serious health problems addiction has caused you as part of your program. You also won’t increase the severity of your health problems if you choose to end your substance abuse.

As stated previously, heroin might not just cause a person to lose their hard-earned cash. It can cause you to lose your job, which will decrease your earning power. It may cause you to lose your friends and family members who will eventually be unwilling to put up with the serious issue of your addiction any longer. It could even cause you to lose your freedom, as the possession of this drug is a federal offense that could land you in prison. In addition, the number of overdoses caused by this drug have quadrupled since 2010, which illustrates the way in which your substance abuse could even cost you your life.

The true cost of addiction treatment may seem high, but when compared with the serious price of continued abuse, it’s easy to see which is better in the long-run. Addiction treatment may be pricey initially, but it will decrease your expenses and your risks in such a way that you will be able to live happier, healthier, and eventually, without the toll heroin abuse takes on the lives of every individual it touches. 

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