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6 Reasons your Hot Water Cylinder Having Low Pressure

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Low water pressure is not really a new problem, and you might face this problem more frequently as compared to other hot water cylinder related problems. A Hot water cylinder should always deliver the same level of water pressure throughoutthe house’s taps as the cold water’s pressure, and if it is failing to do so, then it is probably a good time to call a technician.

However, before you do that, it is always good to know what has happened actuallythat might be causing the problem.
This article will layout such problems that might be causing the low water pressure. However, if you are not comfortable with checking the problem out by yourself, it is advised to contact an expert.

New Appliances Installation Can Result In Low Pressure
Whenever you get a new water appliance installed which uses a considerable amount of water from a water tap, it is more than likely that it will divert and lower the water pressure. If such is the case, you might want to consider upgrading the hot water cylinder. You can also get appliances which are more water-efficient.

Corrosion On Pipes Can Also Cause Low Pressure

Corrosion is one of the biggest problems of lower water pressure. This usually happens in old houses where lead pipes might have been used. Although lead has great resistance protection, it can get corroded. This can cause leaks from certain places, and you might end up with a very low water pressure than what you might expect.

Stop Taps Can Result In Low Water Pressure
  • Stops taps are also one of the reasons why you might be getting low water pressure. Stop taps might seem like an annoyance. However, they are mandatory by law so that you can shut them off in case of an emergency. Check whether turning the tap key fixes the water pressure problem for your hot water cylinder, however, do not close it completely.
Check Supply Pipe Length And Size For Hot Water Cylinder Online
Another one of the problems that might be causing lower water pressure is the inaccurate pipe sizes. Let’s say you order a hot water cylinder online, and it requires certain pipe length to work properly, then it is a possibility that you might have incompatible water pipes which might need to be changed.

How Much Water Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Gets

When you face low water pressure, another one of the possibilities is the water pressure that you receive from the mains itself.  All hot water cylinders operate with a water pressure that is mandatory for a good water flow. If it does not receive the appropriate pressure from the mains itself, it can cause low water pressures.

You Might Be Sharing Supply Pipe with Another Property
This is also one of the possibility why you might not be receiving proper water pressure is because you might have connected water supply with other houses in your neighborhood, so this sharing can also cause water pressure to drop.

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