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Forget Scaffolding: 6 Reasons Scissor Lifts Make Better Work Platforms

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Scaffolding has been the main temporary structure for work sites for a long time, but it's not the case anymore. Nowadays, businesses realize that using scaffolding could be costing them time and, consequently, money.
A better option is the modern scissor lift, which comes with many benefits. As you don't have to erect it like scaffolding, you can save precious time by starting the work straight away. It can also be used in places that are usually inaccessible to scaffolding. They tend to be safer, which decreases work injuries. Scissor lifts have a ton of advantages!
They Can Be Used Everywhere

It can sometimes be tricky to assemble scaffolding in places with an unusual architectural design, but with a scissor lift, it's just a matter of placing it where you want and using it. The electric models are a great option for indoor work as they don't emit fumes and create a cleaner environment.
They Save You Time
How long does it take to erect and dismantle scaffolding if you need to work on a large and tall building facade? Too long, and that time could be used more efficiently. When you use a scissor lift you don't have to worry about wasting time since you can start working as soon as you get to the site.
They're Much Safer
Scissor lifts tend to be safer as they have non-skid surfaces and high sides. Most workers need to wear harnesses attached to it, so falls are quite rare. Scaffolding, on the other hand, needs constant safety checks and if the weather is bad, it can be slippery and a potentially dangerous place to work.
They Have Cheaper Running Costs
If you've hired some scaffolding and are faced with extreme weather or a holiday period, it can be expensive to keep it in place with no one working on it. However, when you hire a scissor lift, there are no extra expenses as you can just return it when the work is done.
They Have On-Board Features
Many scissor lifts come fitted with electrical plugs, so if workers need to use hand tools that use electricity, they can easily do it. Another great feature is the fact some lifts can be operated from the top platform as well as the bottom, so there's no need for extra staff to control it.
They Can Be Easily Stored
You won't have to worry about storing your scissor lift since they're usually super compact and don't take up much space. If you've rented one for a week, finding a place to store it will be the least of your problems — unlike scaffolding, with all the frames, wooden boards, and various paraphernalia.
Choosing a scissor lift over scaffolding seems to be the obvious decision. You'll be less concerned knowing your employees are going to work in a safer environment and that you might reach places that are usually hard to access. When you add to that the time you'll save and the extra flexibility, scaffolding will become a thing of the past.

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