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Golden Rules for a Successful App

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Who doesn’t want a successful app?

While there isn’t any formula for the success of apps, our experience of developing and delivering more than a hundred apps has taught us a lot. It has taught us to differentiate between factors which make the app successful and those which hinder the success of an app.

So here we are, putting together some of the golden rules which have enabled us to make chart-topping apps:

Make your Apps Modifiable

Users would connect with your app better if they have the option to make changes in the app. And trust us, they would only add value. If your users get a chance to rewrite your APIs or if they get to integrate your API, this would prove to be a more enriching and engaging experience for the users.

Imagine tapping in on all of the extra users which would come in just to infuse their energy into the app. This would ultimately make the app more rich and fulfilling. And if you’re looking forward to getting venture capitalists to fund your project, this would be a decisive factor since they love it when the apps are modifiable.

Give Users a Personalized Experience

If you were to choose between a room that has been made in a certain way and a room which you made using the colors you like and the patterns you’re fond of, which one would you prefer? The latter, right? That would feel more like home since it has a personal touch to it.

Likewise, apps which provide the users with a personalized experience are preferred by users over apps which don’t. When it comes to personalizations, there is no limit at what can be done. You could let them choose their own menu layout, or the background. You could also let them swap a few features with different ones.

For example, if you have a chat app, you could allow the user to change the background in the chat. You could also let them change the way the menus look in terms of features and in terms of the colors and the fonts used. In fact, you could also let the users choose the fonts they wish to see in the chats. You could even let the users choose the colors of different chats, based on their affinity to the person.

Speed Things Up

Nobody likes an app that takes hours to open. Even when it comes to games, people generally prefer the lightweight games which don’t take much memory and go easy on the processor. If your app hangs the whole system, the users wouldn’t have a good experience on it.

Instant gratification is what people seek in their daily lives so why should apps be left behind? The attention span of users is somewhere between 3 to 5 seconds on an average. Hence the users obviously expect your app to respond and produce results instantly. If your app takes more time than that to do its tasks, the users wouldn’t want to use your app. Most users aren’t sympathetic about technical issues hence it is best to keep such issues at bay.

Give Your App a Voice

Quite literally. Users now try to put as less efforts as they can to use apps. While you could argue that it makes the users lazy, there is no denying the fact that an increasing number of users now look forward to controlling apps using their voice.

Adding the feature of navigation through voice is not only useful for the users, but for you as well. Your app is based on a theme, and what could be a better way of conveying the theme of your app than giving the app a voice? There’s a certain degree of uniqueness that comes with voice.

Keep it Simple, Stupid

While many of us know the KISS rule, not many of us implement it in our apps. To become successful, apps must be simple. Nobody wants to open up your app and spend hours figuring out how to use it (difficulties should be left in maths classes). As we mentioned a few points before, people don’t have the time to spend hours figuring how they would use your app.

It is tempting for mobile app development companies USA to try and put every feature in the universe in their app. While it isn’t wrong to have everything in your app, it is wrong to work on all of it at once. What we mean by this is that you should start off with a few basic handy features which define your app. These features must then be worked upon till your app does it so good that the competitors find it difficult to beat you in it. Once you reach this level of success, only then should you add more interesting features in your app.

Gamify Your App

Gamification is something that can totally change the way your users interact with your app. People focus on instant gratification as it gives them a certain rush. This rush is something you can give them as well. Make simple actions like clicking buttons an enjoyable task.

To explain this better, let’s consider once again that you have a chat app. Giving users rewards when they get a friend to use your app would give your users instant gratification. This is not only good for user retention but also user acquisition.

There you go. These were some of the golden rules for developing a successful app. Not an app developer? Looking for someone to build your app? Go for BrainMobi, one of the top mobile app development companies across the globe. We know what we do, and we love it. So send us your requirements at and get a free quote on your idea!

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