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Cervical Cancer and it treatment

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Female reproductive system in of the most complex biological system present. And it is almost one of the safest position in this world for a baby to stay for 9 months. As this nine months, which is one of the most important and delicate phase for every new born, they stay there with full care and love.

Cervix is one of the most important part of the reproductive system. It is present at the lower portion of the uterus. It mostly has a shape of cylinder. However during pregnancy at the end phase, during labor and delivery the shape of the cervix changes due to the presence of the baby as well as different hormonal changes happening for 9 long moths of gestation.

Cervical muscle and cervix is also helps in uterine contraction that helps the semen reach the uterus during sexual intercourse.

Cervical Cancer

Cancer is a primarily a gene based disease that occurs at any time, to anybody. The reason of this is well known, however the human kind is highly unable to treat this disease. The reasons being the genetic. Genetic mutation is the main basis of cancer. Different mutagenic genes are present within our body. Mostly they are present in their dormancy, thus not functional in nature. However any type of provocation or no provocation can cause the mutagenic genes to become active and cause its malfunctions.

Cancer also comes with heredity. And it is untreatable because this disease is dangerously dynamic in nature. Metastasis is the phenomena exhibited by the cancer cells or malignant cells, where cancer cells move from the position of origin to a different position where they adhere and exhibits their cancerous properties. So sometimes it is also seen that cancer at one position can give rise to cancer at other organs too due to this property of metastasis.

Cervical cancer is the cancer caused in the cervix region of the women. Cervical cancer has a good chance of survival when detected earlier. However it is mainly caused when a particular woman is having multiple partner for sex. The effects are inappropriate bleeding at any time or after sexual intercourse.


Cervical cancer is the most cancer that happens to females. In western countries, cervical cancer is very much common among girls. However of its high occurrence, early detection can prove to be very valuable for the patients. And it is reported that early detection can also cure the disease also.

The symptoms that are most commonly seen cervical cancer are
  • Inappropriate bleeding in between periods
  • Constant bleeding after every sexual intercourse
  • Bleeding continues  in post-menopausal women
  • There is also discomfort during sexual.
  • Vaginal discharge occurs with a bad smell
  • Vaginal discharge also comes with a blood.
  • Pelvic pain

Infection is also the cause of cervical cancer. At the onset of these infection, patients should consult with the doctors for proper treatment. Cervical cancer cost in India is very much reasonable when detected in an early phase of the diseaseand the reports are very much positive.

New Methods
New methods are breaking the phase of conventional treatment for cancer with good amount prosperity. Scientists are effectively trying to make a vaccine for the disease as vaccination will be the best way to control.

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