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How to Click the Perfect Pictures of Sunrise and Sunset with your Smartphone

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Two times in our entire day have the most beautiful and scenic views and that is dusk and dawn. The moment sun rays moves up the horizon and the time when the sun dips down the horizon are the two most popular scenic views of which pictures are taken with a lot of enthusiasm. Not only do we click pictures of where we live but also when we go out and travel to new places. Tourists specially dedicate an entire day to capture the mesmerizing scenes of sunrise and sunset. Although the real-time experience that you get to feel can’t be compared to anything else but since we are living in times where technology plays a huge role and so we have an added option of capturing those magnificent views so what’s better than our most-loved gadget, smartphones. A lot of preparation goes in turning this desire of capturing moments into a reality. Below mentioned are a few points that you can keep in mind so that you get to capture the precise moment without any delays.

Lookout for the Location: 

Planning your shoot in advance really gives you an edge because this implies that you have checked for the location beforehand and you know that the best shots will come from this place only. A few pointers to keep in mind when selecting the location is to pick a place that is way out of road and foot traffic and also while looking out for the horizon there will be no obstructions cutting the view. The next thing to care about is the time at which you decide to capture the photo. You can check out Apps that will let you know the exact time at which sunrise and sunset are bound to happen.

Plan your Shots

Knowing what you want in your photograph makes it easy to when you actually do click the photograph. Maybe you want to focus purely on the light or maybe it will get divided between the subject and the light. If the smartphone you own is FHD then you can capture the full range of tones in the view. And since these types of scenes normally consist of bright spots and shadows and so it is actually a great way to produce dramatic pictures.

Don’t leave too early

One of the most common things you will hear about capturing sunsets is to stick around after the sun sets below the horizon. The whole scene changes at this point in time. Tones, colours and hues in the sky become more saturated and dramatic. Even though at this point there will be less light but some of the great pictures are usually shot during this time only.

Foreground Element

Whenever you can make it possible, use a foreground element to add a sense of scale to your photograph. Add as many layers as possible in your picture because that will give depth to your picture.

Placing the Horizon Line Right

Instead of keeping the horizon in the centre keep it at the bottom of the frame when you find the sky of an interesting background. This will instantly add to your picture a new perspective.

Rule of Odd

If you find an opportunity that while capturing a sunrise or a sunset you can include objects in your picture then always go for odd objects instead of even. For some reason, odds usually make for a better composition than the rule of evens.

Although capturing pictures of anything is just as important but there is a unique fascination that we have towards landscape modes and that includes sunrise and sunset. The pictures captured during these times are the best because of its minimalism and the serene colour schemes. So along with these tips, you will also need a tripod so that you can fix it on your smartphone and hence there will be no hassles in making the angle right or wrong because that part will be taken care by the tripod. Coming to the smartphones, you do need a phone with a good quality and high megapixels and since there are affordable brands like Panasonic India (Eluga series’ Ray 500 and Ray 700), Motorola and Oppo India then we would suggest you make a smart investment. It will take some time to master these steps but eventually, you will have your own collection of perfect sunrise and sunset pictures.

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