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Precautions to take in brain tumour

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The brain is the most important organ in the body. This is basically a spongy tissue which controls all the complex actions of a human body like to move to speak, to learn and to control the emotions. But sometimes a few malignant cells grow there surrounding those healthy brain tissues. This can create brain tumours.

Though there has been a lot of advancement in medical science but they have still remained unsuccessful find out a perfect solution to eradicate it. But yes, there are best brain tumour treatments in India which can help the patients to have an extended life expectancy.

But yes, the primary tool of preventing brain cancer is always in one’s control. For that, one has to control their lifestyle. Making some healthy choices can help one to reduce the stress factors in life.
Here are some steps to be self aware and maintain a good life to prevent brain tumour.


To receive adequate amount of sleep every night should be the primary concern for everyone. Keeping your eyes shut for some good eight hours per day is very much important for the health of your brain. Here when one sleeps there is a detoxification process that happens and it naturally removes the toxic waste that naturally accumulates throughout the day. This happens very actively at night and provides the mitochondria in the brain to flush out the toxins. If there is a sleep deprivation, this can hinder this natural process of detoxification. Also if one is undergoing chemotherapy then proper amount of sleep can allow the cells to repair damage and restore back the tissues.

Release your stress

Practicing stress reduction is also very important. There are some techniques like meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. By doing this one can reduce the inflammation in brain cells. This is a very important thing. This prevention of swelling can cause lesser brain damage.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

This is also known as the HBOT treatment can if one begins this at a very young age then it can reduce the risk of brain cancer. This therapy can improve the cognitive function in the survivors of the brain tumours. Also this HBOT can improve the oxygen circulation which again stimulates the ability to heal the neutral tissues.

Consume Cancer Fighting Phytonutrients

This is all about having a good diet plan. Some good herbs and vegetables can equip the brain with a lot of anti oxidants which can limit the cellular damage. They actually scavenge free radicals by reducing the brain inflammation and shut down the brain tumour communication signals.
Calorie Restriction

Dietary restriction is always good for health. One has to have an approach to the anti carcinogenic properties along with some ketogenic diet. Calorie restriction can reduce inflammation and prevents the cancer metastasis. It also produces some fuel neurons.

There are some best brain tumour treatment centres in India where one can go for a check up if they think that the symptoms are likely of a brain tumour.

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