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The facts about a contraction timer online

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If you are thinking of proceeding to labor then with the aid of a contraction timer online it is possible to figure out whether you need to head to hospital. A stop watch or a calculator can keep a track of the contractions timing, but this is not going to be that precise.

The need of the hour is a reliable tool for the would be mothers that is going to assist them . There are lot of contraction timers that are available in the market presently and you can just download and share it with your near and dear ones as well.

How do you plan to use the contraction timer?

The moment you come across a sensation of tightening and this could be felt from inside or with the hand on your belly and this point to a single contraction. Once you do feel the relaxation of the uterus then press the stop button.

You would need to keep on repeating as the contractions keep on progressing and the key here is to check the interval of the contractions. To understand the pattern of contractions nearly 8 to 10 are required. This would mean the length along with the frequency of the contractions.

What is the situation like when you proceed to labor?

When you proceed to labor it is like period gains. This could range from severe to mild. You are likely to suffer from cramps, backache or a combination of both of them. There is bound to be a degree of heaviness in the lower part of your stomach as well. When it is a false contraction it is the front and the region of the groins. It could start at the back and then move towards the front. With the help of a kick counter bracelet you can figure out a distinct personality of the kicks as well.

Would it be possible to figure out on the basis of contractions whether it is the right time for labor?
Once the contraction drops to 3 or 4 minutes and this does not stop while walking or even for the matter when you are lying on the left side it could point to labor. It is the time to head to a hospital or to get in touch with your doctor. Details of the contractions needs to be provided to the doctor and whether they are becoming longer and frequent with the passage of time.

The difference between the true and the false contractions

When it is the case of true contractions they start from the back and then move towards abdomen. In case of the false ones, they do become hard and they disappear after a certain period of time. In a way it does go on to prepare the body for labor.

To conclude do not go on to start a contraction in the middle or end of it. If you have missed one, then you would need to wait for the second to begin

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