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Traditional Cornerstones of Theft Prevention

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Retail business owners do all they can to prevent and minimize theft on their properties; one of the most common ways to do so is with security technology. As with any other industry, though, security changes and adapts in a search for the best method. In this race of advancement, getting caught up in finding the next best thing can be far too easy. While high-definition cameras, cases, and stands have made significant positive impacts, you shouldn’t forget some of the most tried-and-true methods of retail loss prevention; here are a few of them.

Knowing the Facts

While there’s no universal image of a typical shoplifter, there are a few stereotypes out there; the most prevalent is that of a minor looking to get a rush from the act. It’s your responsibility to disregard this and other stereotypes because, more often than not, they are false. According to recent studies, adults are more likely than underage children to shoplift whether it’s due to circumstance or need.

The one way to prevent suffering from theft is to educate yourself about it. Separate the facts from stereotypes and objectively study them. By doing so, you will better prepare for and prevent the possibility.

Getting Your Staff Involved

Your staff is the first line of defense between your merchandise and shoplifters, so it makes sense to hire the best employees. You need to do more than that, though. Training them to give a great customer experience and pay attention to your customers can deter shoplifting. Theft and shoplifting aren’t often premeditated crimes—in fact, impulse plays a large factor. Having a staff that maintains a constant presence on the floor and interacts with customers can deter them from acting on that impulse.

While surveillance from cameras can serve as a useful deterrence, tasking employees with approaching customers and greeting them can drastically reduce the probability of theft.

Understanding Your Market

While the value and demand of your products bring in higher revenue, they also create more likely targets for theft. Shoplifters, whether professional or otherwise, are more inclined to attempt to steal higher-value and in-demand products, such as electronic mobile devices. It is for this reason that many retailers keep that kind of merchandise locked up in the back of the store.

Many retailers are always searching for the best method of retail loss prevention for a good reason: it affects their income. While high-tech measures do their job exceptionally well, it’s always a good idea to integrate those measures with these traditional ones.

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