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Why digestion is a hindrance at the time of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is that time where the hormone levels are at its peak. This is likely to lead to a host of physical and chemical changes in the body. This goes on to have an impact on your digestive system. It does go on to slow down the process of digestion and after a meal indigestion is caused and that could leave you with bloating or heart burn. This is even taking into consideration the fact that you might even feel full after having a small portion of food

Yes pregnancy digestive system is  a cause of discomfort and you may not be comfortable with it. For sure it is not going to harm your baby as once the digestive system is slowed down it does have positive impact on the baby. In hindsight more time is provided by the body so that the nutrients do pass the placenta. You would need to accept the fact that there is bound to be some level of digestion when you are pregnant. So the onus is with you so that you take some steps so as to cope up with indigestion at this point of time
  • Make it a point that you do not go on to put extra pressure on your tummy after having food. You should sit up straight and then wait for an hour after the meal is over before you plan to lie down
  • If you bend over it is going to make the indigestion more difficult and instead of your waist bend down on your knees.
  • Rather than resorting to heavy meals, eat small portion of meals during the day
  • It is suggested that you do stay away from foods that do cause indigestion to flare up. Chocolates or fatty foods top the list for sure. Just keep a list of foods in your food dairy that is going to make the situation all the more worse.
  • Too much of caffeine or alcohol could aggravate the symptoms worse. There is a limit on how much you can have them during pregnancy in any case
  • If you are into smoking, as soon as you become pregnant stop it. The reason of it is smoking is harmful for the developing baby as well.
  • Getting your bed a few centimetres high could also help you with the symptoms during the stage of pregnancy
How you can deal with digestive issues during the course of pregnancy?

If you feel that the symptoms of digestion has not become better after consumption of medicines, it is better to discuss with your doctor on what are the best medicines to be had at this point of time. Pregnancy digestion medicine should be devoid of any side effects.

If medication does not yield the desired result, you are going to find it difficult in order to keep the food down. This is compounded by the fact that abdominal pain or a loss of weight is also expected.

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