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Why you need a Virtual Phone Number for business instead of a personal number?

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The availability of internet on land has made it easy for businesses to project their brand image to clients and potential leads effectively. Calling via the internet, also known as virtual calling offers a convenient and economical way to connect globally with an international audience. Economical call rates imply that you can stay connected with people for longer durations; especially for those long negotiation calls or for the detailed explanations to a potential lead.

Unlike conventional phone numbers, which are strictly bound to landlines or sim-cards, a virtual phone number exists independently. CallHippo virtual phone numbers help to avail a single gateway for multiple inbound lines. Through these virtual phone numbers, calls can be forwarded to any landline, mobile or VoIP devices in a pre-set pattern determined by a subscriber.

Owing to multiple inbound lines, your clients can connect with you seamlessly. Make your business appear more approachable with CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers. This not just brings convenience on hand but also helps businesses set a stronger communication with their stakeholders.

Apart from convenience and affordability, CallHippo’s virtual Phone Numbers are safe and have high accessibility rates.


For a business to progressively expand in the related arenas without any hindrance, it is crucial to have a strong communication in place that is accessible at all times. CallHippo’s Virtual Phone Numbers’ features like multiple extensions and call forwarding plays a major role in providing a better accessible network.

For instance, if you are currently busy, the call will be transferred to another connected device and one of your employees will be able to connect with the caller.

This can be further improved by introducing a virtual call processing system with features specifically designed for caller retention: call queue, voice menu, plus, music on hold. This helps in building trust among the customers as they find you responsive. As your goodwill goes up, your pace of expansion and growth increase manifolds.

CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers also eliminate the need for the individual to be in the network area.  All you need is an internet connection and a virtual phone number to solve this issue. You’re well connected with your audience. 

Good accessibility fruits professionalism. This is the core that gives you a strong hand to alleviate your business venture on the professional front. 


Virtual calling system allows you to reach any of your team members via an extension and to spread contact data with ease. An associated call forwarding system prevents users from juggling with different phones ― all lines are accessible from any connected phone. 

Moreover, your clients won’t need to follow a list of contact numbers and dial every digit each time they have to make any calls to other departments, branches or colleague employees. A single virtual number serves as a reliable gateway for their calls. You can maximize brand recognition by opting for a toll-free number to make the life of your distant customers easier.

One also gets the freedom to use different phone numbers on a single device without removing or inserting new sim cards in mobiles. And not just mobile phones, you can anywhere enjoy virtual calling as in on PCs, iPads or MAC.

Safety and Privacy

CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers enable you to separate your work time and family time effectively. A subscriber can establish forwarding rules based on his business hours. For example, if you work from nine to five, calls made within this interval are forwarded to your mobile phone, while a 2 A.M call will be directed to a voicemail or to an employee who is currently on duty. It is you who sets the time of a conversation when your mobile phone is associated with a virtual business number by a reliable provider. An added benefit is the option of voice recording, in case, you miss a call.

Never make a mistake of using their personal contact data for professional purposes. As there is always a possibility of personal numbers being vulnerable to all kinds of malicious actions, including frauds and automated marketing calls. With a dedicated virtual business line, you don’t have to make your private contact data publicly accessible for with a virtual calling system you can have your own contact digits other than your private/ personal number.


Cost cutting and saving is an important aspect for small businesses. For those with new start-ups or small/medium companies, it’s important to invest and spend judiciously. Multiple numbers of calls on daily basis count a lot whether it be local calls, STD calls or ISD calls. Now, PBX systems fitted with costly equipment, now it is possible to enjoy all the PBX features on software as a service basis. CallHippo offers excellent call rates which are economically suitable which are hard to find anywhere else. 

To sum up the benefits of having a virtual phone system, we can say that Virtual Phone numbers:
        leave a complete professional impact on their customers by delivering optimal customer support promptly;
        assume full control over a company’s business communication sphere and increase the productivity of interactions which henceforth get you great returns ;
        gain organised call-management performance with limited staff and equipment;
        help to maintain your psychological health by shielding your private life from business matters;
        increase teamwork productivity through flawless customer-employee accessibility and efficient interactions among employees;
        Get a reliable calling system capable of growing together with their company without imposing excessive costs.
You can buy varied international numbers on CallHippo, the prices vary according to the objective.

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