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4 Ways to to Avoid Toxic Chemicals

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Nowadays it’s become quite hard to escape toxic pollution, as most of the products we use are packed with dangerous ingredients that harm our well-being. But no need to frown – here are couple of tips to keep you healthy.

1. Use fewer products.
We know – this is ingenious, but even though you could have come up with this on your own it’s the best way to protect your health (as well as the planet). It’s simple: the more products you use, the more chemicals your body has to cope with. If you’re using a typical number of products per day like e.g. a surface cleaner, laundry detergent, shower gel, shampoo, face creme, and toothpaste you might get exposed to over 100 chemicals, some of which are harmful. So just keep things simple and use fewer products. If you’re in need of a great multipurpose product that you can use all over your household than you should look into Yaya Maria’s all-natural dish soap. Perfect for using on your dishes, sinks, countertops, floors and many other areas. And it’s guaranteed chemical-free.

2. Avoid Synthetic Fragrance
Ensure that your cleaners, laundry detergents, and personal care products are labeled “fragrance-free”. Pro tip: “Unscented” does not always mean fragrance-free! Avoid using air fresheners – they’re packed with chemicals that harm your lungs. Here are some facts: synthetic fragrance can be made from thousands of chemicals. Unfortunately manufacturers are legally allowed to keep the ingredients they use in their fragrances undisclosed. This means you’re most likely getting exposed to phthalates (which cause reproductive and developmental damage) and many other dangerous toxins. This goes especially for your personal care products. Choose Sunshine Organics for products formulated without toxic ingredients and artificial fragrances.

3. Bisphenol-A, aka “BPA.”
This is an estrogen-like chemical mostly found in canned foods. BPA causes many illnesses such as reproductive problems, cancer, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and ADHD among many others. You should be especially beware of canned tomatoes. The acidity of tomatoes transfers a larger amount of BPA into your food, harming you even more, so ditch those in the future.

4. Dioxin – Found in Soil, Surface Water and Plant and Animal Tissue
The largest source of dioxins in humans is obtained through animal products. That’s the case because this chemical is accumulated in fatty tissue. Dioxin will change the effect of estrogen and progesterone in your body. As a result you will have an increased risk of certain cancers. Dioxin is one of the reasons why breast cancer is on the rise. According to the World Health Organization dioxin levels in most humans obtained from animal products have been on the decline, however pregnant women or those who intend to become pregnant should take extra steps to avoid dioxins. This can be achieved through following a balanced diet with a focus on fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts. Any animal products should be reduced to a minimum.

Enjoy your new chemical-free life with these 4 steps. These tips will not only help you get healthier but you will also live longer.

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