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Abiding by the compliances within due date

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The nature of service tax is an indirect one and it is payable twice a year for individuals and commercial enterprises who have relevant registration.This particular tax is levied towards the tax paid by the customers in case of availing different types of services.Today you have the electronically filing convenience though you can pay with the help of manual procedures.

You must be careful regarding one significant aspect that it must be paid within the due date.Such a date, in fact, is not uniform and it depends on the nature of the business entity.you do find such expertise where your tax returns can be properly filed and paid within the due date.

You can take the help of professionals who enable you to carry out the right kind of computation of the liability in accordance to the government compliances.This registration becomes mandatory for those enterprises who have provided taxable service over ten Lakhs in the last financial year.The return files have to be submitted within 25th. April or 25TH. October in every year.

Charging  the prevailing  tax rate
Delay in a submission of the return files attracts fines and that depends  on the number of days of delay.Recent amendments to  the Finance Act made it compulsory that in case of imposing fine on late submission of return files, the rules should be applied totally on a non-discriminatory  basis.It is important that you should charge the right tax rate from the customer and you should aware of the prevailing rate in the concerned financial year.

It is important  that you’re your enterprise  is a small scale in relation to the provision of services must be aware  of the regulations.It is important that you should mention all types of activities carried out and the tax returns should be filed properly with due regard to the categories mentioned as per the respective regulations.The returns every year relate to the six month period ending 31st. March and 30th. September every year, accordingly the tax returns  have to be submitted by 25th. April and 25th.October.

Compliance  by the smaller firms
In relation to service tax nil return filing, it has to be kept in mind that you have to furnish an address -proof of your registered office.Now, as per the government regulations  the small enterprises who have not provided services worth ten Lakhs in a particular financial year, has to file a return.The regulations have specified in a case of the service tax amount doe snot cross the respective amount returns  have to be filed.

The online advantages
In relation to e filing gst return, you will find to your advantage  that you can get the benefit of auto-filing up of the forms so the possibility of making mistakes is omitted.You have to go to the respective portals and make necessary entries in relation to the purchase and sales figures of your enterprise.You have to take the help of the professionals in calculating the tax amount  before submission.First, you have to enter the respective portal and then go to the services  and  return boxes to the portal.

An error-free return

Today firstly you should be aware of the tax compliances because unless you have to pay heavy fines.You should avail the online facilities offered by the government to submit an error-free return files.

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