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Business-Friendly Devices: The Best Gadgets That Can Help Entrepreneurs Do Business

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High-tech gadgets can indeed make our lives easier and more productive, and this fact is especially true when it comes to doing business. For sure, you haven’t seen a modern business or a startup nowadays that don’t have any gadgets in their workplaces.

Companies and startups need to have some help from these devices to do their business smoothly and with tangible outcomes. If you are a businessman or entrepreneur, you should know about the importance of gadgets in business, and what are the best gadgets out there to have in your business.

So here’s a list of gadgets that can help you make your business more efficient, convenient, and productive. So take a read!

ASUS Zenbook Laptop

There’s so much about ASUS laptops that make you want to shower the gadget company with praises. Take for instance the new ASUS laptop models, the VivoBook and Zenbook, both of which have a voice assistant Alexa as one of its sophisticated features.

This feature in the ASUS laptop makes it easier for entrepreneurs to navigate through the Internet of Things without much hassle. Imagine, using a portable computer with a voice assistant! With this gadget at your service, you can now multi-task for more productivity in your business.

For a high-quality laptop like this one, you can check online retail stores such as Deal Wiki for it.

iPin Wireless Laser Pointer

This wireless laser pointer is so portable you can insert it into a mini-jack slot. You can use it to present your business presentation in the comfort of your smartphone. You simply have to download the iPin app, grab your Samsung or Apple smartphone, then do your business presentation before your colleagues or partners.

Samsung Flip Digital Flipchart

With its vision of making the workplace and business digitally high-tech, Samsung comes with a sophisticated device called Samsung Flip. The Samsung Flip is a digital flipchart that is ideal for business conferences and business meetings.

The device enables a number of people to annotate and change what's written or drawn on the chart through the use of stylus or fingers. By using this digital flipchart, for sure, team meetings will never be the same.

Equil Smartpen 2

Intended for entrepreneurs, office workers, and anyone working in the creative industry, the Equil Smartpen is a gadget to have this year. You can use this smartpen if you are taking notes or drawing some idea on paper, but the thing is that the information you wrote will automatically be stored on your computer or smartphone.

The Equil Smartpen 2 has a memory that enables you to write up to 10,000 pages, and you can use it even without connection to the internet. It can be compatible with any paper, and you can sync it with a device through Bluetooth. If you like to write your ideas on paper and want to store it on a computer or smartphone, this smartpen is for you!

Brookstone Wifi Scanner

Large scanners have no place for the mobile and high-tech lifestyle of today. So to scan your various documents or hard-copy of your business photos, you need to have a portable, wifi-enabled scanner.

The Brookstone Wifi Scanner is one of the ideal gadgets to have in your office (or outside your office) because it makes electronic copies of various documents within just a few seconds. You can then transfer the scanned files to your laptop or smartphone for digital viewing. The files can be saved in pdf or jpeg format.


High-tech and functional gadgets can streamline complex business processes to make your job more efficient and productive. That’s why it’s important that you have to be gadget-savvy because the potential that these devices can provide to your business is boundless.  

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