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Delicacies of Amsterdam

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There’s more to than what meets the eye & Amsterdam is a standing testimony to this phrase.

Amsterdam has become a synonym to debauchery owing to its Red light districts & liberal laws, but did you know that Amsterdam has a well-planned canal system( The Fault in Our Stars!) & harbours ? Or that it has one of the most beautiful houses ? Or the fact that aside from having a relaxing atmosphere,it is becoming a hub to the emerging techno music.

Have you ever heard about their traditional delicacy : Haring?

As aforementioned, Amsterdam is more than just their sleaziness.

And here to burst your bubble let’s dish out on one aspect of Amsterdam that will tempt you to travel all the way to this watery city: it’s traditional delicacies.

Hollandse Nieuwe or Haring:

Visit any part of Dutch and we challenge you to find us a street or area, that doesn’t have haring vendors . Dutch’s history has a profound association with fishes ever since they started the beer trade and came up with the ingenious decision to cure fishes. Haring is generally eaten raw by the locals, but for the people who don’t have a strong stomach people they can have it with a sandwich. You can snack on some delicious haring in Vishandel Molenaar in Albert Cuyp Market which is a 15 minutes taxi ride from the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


A cold weather traditional dish made primarily with combination of mashed potatoes & fruits and vegetables, this dish is slowly growing its prominence in States and far west. Generally served with sausage it makes for a sumptuous dish when served alongside pork chops or sausages.Restaurant Haesje Claes , one of the oldest kitchens in Amsterdam , mastering in a selection of Dutch speciality, is a go-to if you wish to have a hearty stamppot in Amsterdam. Its a 34-minute taxi ride from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


For the foodie in you that doesn’t mind one too many, Dutch has Rijsttafel , a rice bowl, consisting of 40 or more side dishes that includes egg roles, fish , sambals, satay. A combination of everything that your taste buds can possible expect: chewy, crunchy, runny,this dish is diverse in spices, flavors & textures.The best Rijsttafel can be found in Tempo Doeloe, a 27 minute taxi ride from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


A treat for the non-vegetarians, this meat based evening snack is a dutch traditional dish made from beef/veal , butter, broth. There is always an option of adding vegetables. Typically served with mustard dippings or ramekin, this dish is very much similar to the kroketten, except for the shape. Served as a side dish to beverages. This dish can be best found in Skylounge, a 30 minute taxi ride from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


How could we possibly talk about Dutch delicacies and leave dutch cheese a.k.a Kaas behind?

Holland is known for its cheese manufacturing & being a relentless competition in the export market. Amsterdam , alone is the home of some of the major cheese houses like Gouda, Edam. Dutch like their cheese in breakfast, lightly in lunch or as a side dish in dinner. You can find some really good cheese in Reypenaer, Utrecht. It's a 35 minute taxi ride from the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Now that you know the top five delicacies of Amsterdam, pack your bags and hop on your next flight to this relaxing atmosphere and if this is going to be your first trip do make a check-list of all things necessary, like the passport, your accommodation, an itinerary, how will you commute from place to place. Don't forget to check all the facilities available at the Amsterdam Airport from lounge to taxi services. Hope you have a hysterically enjoyable journey.

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