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Food Prep Tips For Cooking In An RV

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One of the best things about traveling in RV rentals is that you take many of the comforts of home with you on the road. You can have a comfortable bed, chairs, a living area, refrigeration, a bathroom, and a stove. Instead of wasting your budget stopping at eating establishments, you can cook your own meals right in the RV when camping. There are a wide array of different types of RVs with many different cooking setups from basic to high-end. No matter what type of setup you may be working with, it won’t matter if the food isn’t prepped right. There are a number of food prep tips that will help out travellers looking to whip up a nice meal in the comfort of their traveling vehicle and assure that the food is fresh and safe.

Maximize Meals

Since you may not have the time to be cooking each night, it is often best to cook large meals so that there will be leftovers to heat up the next night. Although cooking in an RV is lots of fun, you don’t want to spend too much time at the stove. This can cause you to miss out on the activities you had planned or cause you to fall behind schedule on the road. After your meal, just store your leftovers as you would at home in an airtight wrap and refrigerate. Then the next day you can rest easy knowing you have a good meal awaiting you without having to cook once again. In terms of prep work, this will involve bringing more food that what you will need for our average meal. You can measure it our by simply doubling your ingredients for each planned item.

Keep It Cold

Don’t forget that not all meals have to be hot, and often simple foods come in the cold variety. Pack along materials to make salads and also sandwiches, both of which can be whipped up incredibly easy and serve as filling and health meals for the road. The prep work for these meals is incredibly simple. All you have to do is keep the ingredients in the fridge and you can prepare your meal whenever you feel the need. Cold items are easy to store and the meals are simple enough that the prep work really does itself.

Prep Ahead Of Time

If you have a meal planned for a coming evening, get all f your slicing done ahead of time. Dice up what you need a couple of nights before and place the goods in zip top bags or containers in the fridge. This will help you save significantly on meal preparation time and will also assure there will be less cleanup needed after you’ve cooked the meal. Traveling in RV rentals is all about preparation, and having all your slicing and dicing done ahead of time will go a long way toward making your trip much more convenient.

Bring Cook Wear

It is always a good investment to get yourself several items of good cook wear for your traveling purposes. When you have good equipment on hand not only will you be able to prepare better meals but you will be able to do so quicker and with easier cleanup. Cooking on the road is all about efficiency, and there is nothing more efficient than a streamlined cooking setup. You will really notice a difference in the quality of your camping life once you can eat well and not have to struggle with faulty equipment.

Simplicity Is Key

Keep in mind that when traveling you want to have less cleanup, less time spent cooking and preparing meals, and overall less equipment to lug around. For this purpose you will want to plan for meals that can be made in a single pot or pan. You can simply make the meal, serve the food, then wash the pot or pan and then move along down the road. This isn’t to say that you need to skimp on food quality or tastefulness, just try to plan for meals that only take a minimum amount of equipment. Elaborate meals are great for at home, but on the road it always pays to keep it simple.

Prepping for meals on the road is all about efficiency and simplicity. If you invest in some good equipment, plan simple meals that don’t take too much prep work or cleanup, and utilize cold foods, you will have much more time to spend enjoying your trip instead of spending all of your time struggling over meals. Always get your chopping and other prep work done ahead of time so that the cleanup process and preparation can be kept to a minimum. Plan for meals that can feed you twice so you can skip a night of cooking as well. These are the type of cooking tips that make preparing meals in RV rentals a breeze.

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