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How to detect and stop websites from using your pc for Bitcoin mining

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Do you think that only ransom ware is the biggest threat to internet security? If yes, then what about browser based cryptocurrency mining? The popularity of crypto mining is increasing at an exponential rate and now there are few cryptocurrencies such as Monero that have created algorithm that uses the browser window of visitors for mining.

Although other software based mining is difficult to detect it is quite easy to find and block if some sort of browser based script such as and even block them.  The browser based mining of cryptocurrencies was first detected by the pirate bay users which found a huge spike in the usage of their system’s CPU when they visited this website. Many websites are using this similar technique in order to use the visitor’s system and earn money. There are JavaScript based applications introduced by that helps in monero mining. Tech savvy users can easily find out if their system is being compromised or used for mining purposes.

How to check if a website is using your resources for mining cryptocurrency?

You can keep a check on the CPU usage of your system in order to know that your system is being used for mining. But many people might not be able to do so as they do not know how to monitor the CPU usage. To do that follow these steps --
  1. In case of a windows based system you should press ALT + CTRL + DEL or right click on the taskbar in order to open the Task manager. Once it is done check the performance tab. Here you will see the CPU usage. If you feel it is very high, check for the processes that are running. Here you will find the list of applications in use. If the browser is consuming lot of CPU power try closing some tabs.
  2. In case you are using a MAC OS then you should open the activity monitor section. If you are not aware about how to open this section then search for it with the help of Spotlight by pressing Command + Spacebar. You can also navigate to this section by going to Applications --> Utilities --> Activity monitor. Once that is open then open the CPU tab. Here you will be able to track the CPU usage of your system and also check the user and system usages.


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