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Understanding the Link between Planning and Long Term Success

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What do we use to define success in mining? Some people will tell you that productivity equals success, while others will tell you that reduced costs are the key. But while these factors do help you achieve success in the moment, long term success is the result of a well-established mine planning process.

Planning and performance 

The mine planning process is more vital to long term performance than many realise. There is often a narrow focus on getting to the minerals and ores being mined and then extracting, transporting, processing and selling them. But how long will this process take? What needs to happen, and when? What about the costs and selling prices?

A holistic mine planning process takes all these questions into consideration before a project even begins, and can be adapted as the project proceeds. This planning process will enable mines to budget for the time taken between locating, extracting, processing and selling mined materials so that undue deficits are not created.

This kind of plan also takes into account the fluctuations of material prices and the costs involved in the mining process. By accounting for the costs and sale prices and having plans in place for when these rise and fall, the mine will be prepared for any eventuality.

Mine planning and compliance measurement 

Mine planning and compliance measurement is vital to the success of any mine. If your mine, or certain sections thereof, do not comply with the necessary standards and regulations then you face stoppages and closures.

For instance, if your safety procedures are found to not be compliant underground, then the affected section will need to stop work until the issue is rectified. This means that miners are not working and the mineral resources are not being extracted or sold. This results in a loss of production and profits, and it could likely affect the life of the mine and other mine planning processes.

How do you perform mine planning and compliance measurements?

Luckily, this is the easiest part of the process for mining companies. Don’t misunderstand, it is not an easy thing to do, because it is a complicated process. What makes it very easy for you is the fact that you have access to mining consultants in South Africa who specialise in mine planning and compliance measurement.

While every mine has trained and experienced professionals, employing the services of consultants who specialise in mine planning processes in particular can be invaluable. It is a highly specialised field, so the best solution is to make use of the best possible professionals who have the right planning tools for the job.

Get in touch with the experts at Ukwazi to see just how valuable quality mine planning and compliance measurement can be for your mine.

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